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In October 2000, South China Haiwei noer energy saving door and window design institute was established. Up to now, we have developed a set of energy-saving door and window system and 73 series of heat insulation (strip type) aluminum door and window curtain walls, 99 of which have obtained national patents.

R & D main products:


Building aluminum profiles: anodized aluminum profiles; glossy and Matt electrophoretic aluminum profiles, silver white, champagne, bronze, titanium gold, Black Pearl colors respectively; powder coated aluminum profiles and fluorocarbon coated aluminum profiles, with colors of more than 1000, can also be used to produce simulated wood grain aluminum profiles and various strip type heat insulation aluminum profiles.


Industrial aluminum profiles: decorative materials, furniture materials, motor shell, radiator, etc. (the maximum section can reach 400mm).


At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, we have been devoting ourselves to the research and development of a process that can effectively eliminate the mechanical grain on the surface of aluminum material through alkali etching pretreatment. It is the first aluminum material with sand surface in China.


In 1998, when Japan electrophoresis and unicol uniform coloring technology were introduced into Nanhua, jbc-3712 acid etching surface pretreatment technology was introduced. The new technology also made the aluminum surface form more uniform particle sand surface. After adopting this technology, only 8-10kg per ton of aluminum was eroded, which greatly saved materials, increased production and reduced aluminum ion pollution. In 1999, Nanhua released this advanced technology in the industry free of charge, which was recognized by the whole industry.


At the same time, Nanhua imported Japanese electrophoresis equipment, as well as the process and paint of Nippon Paint, and it was the first one in China to launch high-strength aluminum materials for extinction electrophoresis, which greatly reduced the light pollution of buildings.


There are more than 1800 employees in the company, including 368 University and college graduates, 58 engineering technicians of all kinds, 5 senior engineers, 28 engineers and 25 assistant engineers, 12 project managers, 3 economists, 6 assistant economists, 4 accountants and 8 assistant accountants.

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